POE: Shredder: Dual Wield Bodily Injury Build

Right after patch one.0.0 (PoE launch) my aged develop obtained nerfed considerably. It necessary really a lot of modifications to get feasible all over again and just did not provide the same flavor. Yet I decided to stay with it as fairly a great deal each other develop is uninteresting to play for me. The aged targets in the establish remain the identical: earning a strong melee character with substantial survivability that is able to solo any content material within the game. Even with sturdy nerfs the establish even now manages to carry out lots of DPS and is even stronger than in advance of in terms of survivability, but does call for additional highly-priced devices to operate in addition.

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I based mostly the establish to the Duelist course, however, you may also adapt the skill tree a bit to work with Marauders, Templars, Scions and in many cases Rangers.


Why Dual Strike


Pre-release Cleave was my most important detrimental capability, however it obtained nerfed drastically and Twin Strike utilised with Melee Splash came out on major given that the finest alternative. Twin Strike bargains enormous single-target destruction, and linked with Melee Splash even in the inexpensive 5-linked merchandise discounts around 10k AoE hurt. This set up doesn’t automatically even need a 6-linked upper body early on to generally be effective, so you're able to farm your way by means of decreased level maps till you are wanting to acquire a person.


The Shredder establish accustomed to certainly be a large amount more powerful before 1.0.0 patch but it’s continue to practical should you desire a actual physical twin wielder. It receives significantly potent while you get improved gear (duh!) and it does permit you to solo almost any information during the sport.


Like a facet observe, other AoE abilities never perform too for this build. Cleave, Lightning Strike, Reave, or every other 1-hand ability linked with Melee Splash gem doesn’t deal the exact same harm. Cyclone is just as good, nevertheless it causes huge desync (lag) difficulties so I continue to be away from it.