Log splitter will easily save you hours

If you're going to be splitting cord after cord to produce enough firewood to fuel your home or your business, especially if you're planning on working with large rounds or hardwood, you will definitely want to consider purchasing a log splitter. Not only will a log splitter speed up the process, it'll also save your back (and the rest of you) from serious wear and tear, too.

There are several wood splitters on the market that will help you get the job done. For this article I'll be focusing on Iron & Oak Log Splitters. The Iron and Oak brand is one of the most trusted names in the industry and currently leads the market in heavy use / commercial grade splitters.

Choosing one of Iron and Oak's vertical / horizontal splitters is an investment that will pay off in generous dividends. Having the vertical option is ideal for rounds that are too heavy to lift. The Iron and Oak Duro Glide 26-Ton vertical / horizontal splitter is great machine for the self-starter. It's tough enough to take on the most stubborn hardwoods. Not to mention the 25-inch log opening that allows you to split some substantial logs.

With the Iron & Oak Duro Glide's 12-second cycle time, splitting is faster and easier over maul and mallet approaches. The cycle time is sufficient to remove split rounds and replace them with next to be cut. This quick turnaround is critical if you’re splitting firewood for sale you will want the process to move as quickly as possible. Time is money and using the Iron and Oak vertical / horizontal log splitter will easily save you hours of work and prep time.