bibi boy

bibi boy
Charming,friendly,he sings and dances too.
His Dominic Colina.I met him few months ago in "ZANZI BAR",he was wearing white sando his roaming around and HIS dancing.The move!!!(hahaha).All of as sudden he was carol's friend.What a small world!?(terrificsmiley)I mean he was too small not literally small but his too young to go out and party.
Few months passed by.On one fine evening i was invited for dinner in One Bethany's Place.I was with my boardmates.They said that the dinner was for steele(one of our friend),he said that his leaving the country to look for a brighter future.
I mean we all most believe that,but suprisingly Dj appeared behind us.And the dinner that was supposed to be steele "DESPIDIDA PARTY"was just a PRANK because the dinner was intended for Dj.
They were all suprised except for me, i mean what do you expect i dont know him im not his friend but his face was familiar.
So after all the chit chats we started eating. I was sitting two chairs away from him and then suddenly he asked me " ATE sinigang oh" (my god?!!!)Do i look older?I mean more mature than  him?Thinking that we are born on the same year 1992.Common where's the justice?ATE!!You can call me MISS,MAE,VAL..Well moving on he just arrived from Manila and his staying in our APARTMENT.
At first i was hesistant to approach or even talk to him.But you know he has a big heart.I cant count using my fingers and my toe nails on how GENEROUS he is to us.As the saying goes dont judge the book by its cover.
So true.And he has proven that to us many times.Behind that good looks he has "SUPER  GENEROUS HEART".I mean i never heard him complain.Everytime we needed help his there.
I started to notice his OTHER SIDE.I remember he heard me talk to this girls but i was trying to tell this girl how good hearted he is.
And he dont like that.I was suprised knowing that other boys would like that thing.Some boys like praises especially coming from girls.But not dominic his different.Well im not saying this because his my friend and im basing my judgement as GIRL.
to be continued