bibi boy 2

One of the unforgettable experience i had was when Vinz, steele and dj was super duper drunk.Vinz was dancing and sharing his past relationships to them.And then suddenly out of nowhere dj asked me a question.
Why did you not believe in GOD?I was speechless.I cant uttered a single word.It hit me directly to my heart.I wasnt expecting that.Suddenly he started preaching how good God is.
At first i was suprised coming from him who loves to party then suddenly  started preaching how good God is.And his the only person that never forgets to remind me on how God loves me.And he never failed to send me text messages reminding me how God answered my prayers.Texting me HAPPY BIRTHDAY everyday.I have my own reasons why im like this.Last time i read a bible it was 6 years ago.I was still single that time.I dont know where i read this verse but to qoute it "children r one of God's precious gift'.Well basically if that's true why he let me suffer?Why did he not rescue me in times i needed him?Where was he during the time that i felt like dying?Why did he take the only person i love on the day on my birthday?There's many question that i keep in my heart.Im trying to understand his reason but it would not sink in.Why me of all people?5 years ago i never had vices i tried my best to live his will but when i was suffering from all the pain i never felt him with me?what did i do before that makes him unhappy?if all my question will be answered i think i will try to accept everything that happen to me.I know i dont have the right to questioned his will,but i need answers.
I remember that day when you open up and shared something i did not expected from you.I found the soft side in you.Your a  hopeless romantic.You, having a strong personality but deep inside a loving and gentle dj.
I was amazed on how you fight for a girl,how you close your world just to believe in her.Eventhough it would mean losing people closed to your hearts.It was a brave and tough decision.But you choose to believe even though the chances are 50/50.I know that the broken pieces made by your past is starting to mend.
Eventhough we never communicate at all but i can feel it that there's someone special making you smile.Im very blessed and thankful knowing you along the way.I remember you told me that you loved to have kids bibi boy just wait, in God's perfect time.Remember that i may not have the quality of a friend your looking for but im just a call away.