What is the best fabric for mens swimwear ?

Depends in use.

Swimming laps in chlorinated pool? Then Chloroban / polyester lasts longest, yet isn't form-fitting which swimmers want when racing competitively. With Regard To competitive meets we use 100% lycra suits though lycra breaks down after a month or perhaps 2 associated with chlorine and begins girls swimwear in order to sag. for waterpolo we don polyester (most durable) so we wear 2 layers since opponents get as well as tear with everything. Waterpolo is quite aggressive sport - Refs can't notice what are the results underwater. A New lot of dunking/almost drowning weaker players. If competitive swimming slix australia along with waterpolo were straightforward that they would think regarding it as football.

But I digress, Concerning the particular fabrics: When just lounging across the pool / beach and more worried concerning looks compared to function? Then there will probably be more elastane / lycra/spandex in suit. Unless its the baggy mens board shorts type which is 100% polyester. Cotton is creating a bit of a comeback much more lately within womens suits but it can bunch up and never remain set up as well because it can together with 10 -to 20% stretchy fabric (lycra/chloroban/spandex) to girls swimwear aid it remain put. Furthermore cotton doesn't dry out in minutes afterwards just just like the polyester, nylon, lycra, elastane does. My friends help make entertaining of my one good friend which wears his cotton boxers beneath his board-shorts cuz right after anyone get out of the water you're stuck with wet butt/crotch the rest regarding the afternoon GROSSS! I don't think cotton or perhaps natural fibers produce a good swimming material.