The best thing in making MEMORIES is capturing them.


Her name is Jessa Marie Pilas former Ms.ILawod,x-ging and certified Ms. BM
I woke up terrified because i heard someone crying that i thought something's wrong but to my suprised it was one of JESSA'S famous prank(sometimes i would think that she SKIPPED 10 meals that cause her to be like this).I mean you can never blame me.
She do crazy stuffs that normal girl would not do.If anyone can tell me that its normal,doing stuffs like that.There must be something wrong on you too.
I've known her  in just a short period of time. I became her personal driver for a few days but i resigned immediately because the salary was no good(hahahahah) and my BOSS is too demanding.smileysmiley
Seriously she's noisy,she's irrating(in a way that she will not stop bugging you until you wake up)and  to top it all she's hard headed.See? Perfect right?
But honestly she's just scared in losing someone and getting hurt.I can sense it to her.Though she can fake a smile to everyone then make them believe she's fine but  not me.She cant hide it from me.Because her eye's will tell you everything you needed to know.Everytime she got drunk she would burst all her pains and frustations from her lovelife down to her family problems.
I mean we have our own stories but her story is quite extraordinary.All of us dreamed to help our family.And one of the easiest way to a greener pasture is leaving the country.Which she did.She decided to try her luck abroad hoping everything well be okay.
She dreamed for a brighter future for her son like every mother would dreamed too.But she's not that lucky.Her tripped was a disaster.In just 2 weeks all her dreamed disappeared in a blink of an eye.She went home hoping that she would find comfort to her family but instead she felt unwelcomed.And to think that the reason why she left the country is to give them a good life.She sacrificed her own happiness hoping that its for his son's future.For me sacrifice is being willing to give up something good for something better.Life is full of boundless possibilities, but in order to transform a possibility into a reality we have to choose sacrificing the many in order to attain it. Nothing is gained without something relinquished.Sacrifice has meaning only in the context of a goal, dream or mission. In pursuing these, we often face obstacles which require us to forfeit physical or emotional comfort in the service of something that matters more. Often, the greater the dream or vision, the greater the shared sacrifice required to attain it. Sacrifice is easier when we stay focused on what we are choosing rather than what we are giving up.


to be continued