Green Tea and The Asian Paradox


Of all the questionable statements about natural teas health advantages, usually the one that draws the most concern may be the claim that it may be a treatment for cancer. Although it is nearly most certainly not a cure, however, many reports seem to show that ongoing green tea extract drinking does in fact reduce steadily the risk of cancer in later life.

The largest bit of evidence in support of this theory is called the paradox. The Asian paradox, in accordance with researchers at Yale, is that Asia has quite high quantities of using tobacco, yet lower cancer prices than Europe or America. The scientists believe that the difference between your sites lies in the Asians consumption of considerable amounts of green tea extract (over a litre a day on average). If you require to discover new info on read about, there are many online libraries people should pursue.

Other studies have supported this view: one study comparing elderly Japanese people who drank green tea with types who didnt unearthed that the green tea drinkers tended to live a few years longer. Studies at Murcia University in Spain found that a substance in green tea called EGCG is extremely similar to the cancer drug methotrexate, in that it appears to destroy cancer cells in the same way. This is some of the most encouraging study yet, as methotrexate is really a drug with many unpleasant side effects, and replacing it with green tea could work very well.

Nevertheless, the regrettable counterpoint to all this is that large levels of green tea have already been found to cause cancer in lab mice, indicating that an excessive amount of green tea may be worse for you than none at all probably a similar result to the one burgandy or merlot wine has. Allgreenusa.Com/ includes additional information about the meaning behind this activity. Their state of the research over all is inconclusive, as few drug businesses are interested in funding studies into a thing that is regarded as alternative medicine, the testing is left to interested but under-funded universities. Ideally, on the next few decades, there will be much more interest in analyzing the health advantages of green tea, and we will eventually get our answer..