find who u r think about your self for a lil couple of seconds

Look guys I dont want to write some one else copied material I wwrite my own . This is all about my friend when I meet her I realise that she is the unique in all of others I start searching on her .no one knows me and cant judge me coz I am the man with the different thoughts .she smiles coz there is sadness, there are so many less people of this world who can hide there tears beside their smile. Now how stars are related to this story See loook upon at the sky after the long and worried day try to find the stars look deeply so u will find to know that the stars upon your head sare greater in amount then qt your west or east , Keep looking the stars try to b happy , Try to smile , After this ask your self who u are Then u will know what that girl is y she is like that y she is so happy , U will find it u will b a great man of having a 6th sense of . . . . . . . . Non scense :P But must do thqt 1 time in your life and you will discover your self more my watching the stars at night alone. And I love that and I really do this daily .... Thatx all