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The uneven spatial distribution of C storage in forest ecosystems in Shaanxi Province reflected the impact of climatic conditions on vegetation development and C accumulation. Total, the C storage of forest ecosystems increased from north to south across the entire province as a outcome click nowof advancements in warmth and drinking water circumstances beneficial for vegetation growth and litter enter, accompanied by improved precipitation and temperature. Yan an, nevertheless, exhibited higher C storage in the north due to the fact the two major forest zones in the Huanglong and Qiao mountains are found there. In addition, many ecological restoration initiatives contributed drastically to the increase in vegetation coverage in Yan™an. In distinction, the town of Yulin had the least expensive C stock, even however vegetation restoration applications have been on-likely for a lengthy time period as in Yan™an. The contrasting results are largely attributed to the reality that extreme drought limited the growth and restoration of vegetation in Yulin, which lies in an arid steppe transition belt from typical grassland to a semi-desert landscape. Therefore, diverse forest administration methods, this kind of as tree species variety, ought to be utilized to optimally adapt restoration and C sequestration tasks to regional weather conditions.In contrast to the results of Zhou et al. , who reported that the regular C density of forest ecosystems in China was 258.83 Mg ha-1, with 193.fifty five Mg ha-1 in soil, fifty seven.07 Mg ha-one in vegetation, and eight.21 Mg ha-one in the litter, the average C density in 2008 was much reduced in forest ecosystems in Shaanxi Province. This large variation suggests that the good quality of forest stands was bad and the forest was also younger in Shaanxi Province, exactly where far more than fifty seven.seventy two% of forest region and 48.80% of complete C storage was attributed to younger forests, resulting in a noticeably lower forest C density. Nonetheless, the average C densities in the soil and vegetation levels of forest ecosystems in Shaanxiwere similar to these noted by Li and Wang et al. , respectively. For example, Li documented that the average C density of forest soil in China was eighty one.39 Mg ha-one, and the imply C density of vegetation was 36-42 Mg ha-1 in the examine of Wang et al. . The unique findings of the common C density in Chinese forest ecosystems among these research displays the uncertainty in the estimation of forest C density at a national scale dependent on the various approaches and data sources used, as demonstrated by different estimates of the C storage in forest ecosystems during 2004-2008 in our examine. Consequently, the information sources and the software of proper approaches had been critical for an exact estimation of C density and storage in forest ecosystems. The indicate C density method, a method comparable to that advisable by the intercontinental biological plan , calculates the total C storage by multiplying the suggest forest C density with the forest area primarily based on subject sampling measurements, resulting in an overestimation due to the greater development situations of chosen plots in comparison to individuals of the whole forest region.