Produce CHM HTML Help Documents Simply

Making CHM HTML Help Methods Introduction to HTML Help CHM structure In these times, HTML Help CHM is the common help structure utilized in most contemporary Windows applications. An HTML Help system is completely stand-alone and may be distributed as an individual document (like, 'My_Help_File.CHM ~'~~). Therefore, a CHM document is nearly some sort of the formats for technical documentation, which can be exposed on all Windows PCs since Win-dows 98. Hence, any Windows user will have the ability to open this type of file under Windows 98, ME, 2,000, XP, and the latest Vista operating system also. Learn more about tour by visiting our commanding encyclopedia. A CHM HTML Help includes most of the features to provide the end-user with easily sailed training. Every one people might be acquainted with the HTML Help audience, that has the Table of Contents, alphabetical Index, and the Search function, found on the navigation pane to the left side from the help topic text. What Tools You May Use to Make CHM HTML Help Documents In fact, there are many resources in the marketplace from applications to complex and high priced methods for producing technical documentation that support being an output format HTML Help. However, the most popular issue of that pc software is their non-intuitive and gradual software, complexity, and high price of about $999 per permit or even more! More over, you will have to spend lots of time on learning the tool before can create a good simple CHM record (understand more: for your software product. Now-you may be wondering if there's another solution to make the method of creating CHM help a simpler way. Fortuitously, the clear answer is 'yes.' HelpSmith, posseses an alternative vision of making.CHM Help. If you get and try HelpSmith available on the vendor's website, you will be amazed by its simple and easy-to-use graphical user interface. There is really NO learning curve like in many other help publishing items causing you to spend hours to find out how-to add new help topic. When you have installed HelpSmith on your pc, you can sort 'Hello, World', click a button and here is it - your first support file in the HTML Help format. Then you can certainly add new help topics, develop links, help windows, put aesthetic files and anything the HTML Help process allows you to do; the process of working is clearly as easy as working with Microsoft Office programs. Making CHM Records with HelpSmith HelpSmith lets you easily create CHM HTML Help files. Based upon the visible principle, HelpSmith offers you a powerful text editor making the greatest part of working on a help technique - editing and writing help issues - a pleas-ure to do. Use graphical images, place full-featured tables, produce hyperlinks, eventually, and check always spelling as you type just like in Microsoft Word. Also, you will have the ability to create the Table of Contents and the keyword Index for your CHM file only in several minutes. Among other crucial HelpSmith characteristics are the capabilities to generate published documentation and Web Help (find out more at from-the sam-e source help project. About HTML Help (.CHM) Compiler CHM is not an open file format. Learn more on the affiliated article directory - Click here: Just how do 3rd party services and products enable you to create it? Like other help publishing tools, HelpSmith employs the HHC.EXE help compiler to construct CHM Files (to learn more, visit from your own supply project. The HHC.EXE HTML Help compiler is easily available with the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop offer which may be downloaded in the product's home page. After HTML Help Workshop is installed, you must follow these simple steps to link HHC.EXE with HelpSmith: - Choose 'OptionsTools' from your menu. - Select 'GeneralCompilers' to the left sidebar. - Specify the complete path towards the 'HHC.EXE' report on your computer (for instance, 'c:Program FilesHTML Help WorkshopHHC.exe ~'~~). - Click the OK button to save the parameters. The compiler is installed, the method of working together with HHC.EXE is completely transparent to you, which makes it a piece of cake to produce CHM HTML Help documentation.. Dig up more on your by visiting our influential paper.