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Ground to dust and placed on the tongue, this crystal was utilized as a cure for indigestion. Probably one of the most popular topaz treasures is a giant specimen emerge the Portuguese Crown. Sapphire has actually very long symbolized truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. The ancients thought that it had the power to break down enchantments and to drive bad spirits away. In powder, peridot ended up being utilized as a fix for symptoms of asthma. Others have evolved and mutated as result of the input of various other culture while they came into connection with one another. It is meaning has given symbolism to garnet as something special of loves attraction, something special of fast return or as a gift of estranged love. In addition, a very popular gem to Ancient Egyptians. Jewish high priests considered diamonds to decide the purity or guilt of accused: a stone held before a guilty person was supposed to lifeless and darken, while whenever held before an innocent one to glow with an increase of brilliance The Romans wore diamonds mainly because had been considered to possess broad magical abilities over life s troubles, having the ability specifically to offer on user energy, invincibility, bravery, and courage during struggle. The custom holds that Moses was handed the ten commandments on pills of sapphire, rendering it probably the most sacred gemstone. Kings, in days of the past, led the battles on battlefields wearing hefty leather breastplates studded with diamonds and other precious rocks as it had been believed that diamonds possessed God given magical characteristics and capabilities far beyond the comprehension of common man. Hence, warriors stayed clear of Kings and the ones who have been luckily enough to really have the magical diamonds inside their breastplates. In a particular instance of emerald s make use of, as a measure against ills, females using the stone were considered to be immune from epilepsy. A standard belief ended up being that a venomous serpent put into a Sapphire vessel would quickly perish! Through the black Ages, gallant knights frequently wore pearls onto the battlefield to safeguard all of them from damage. They have been fascinating types of the efforts of the people of old times to describe their particular globe without having the benefit of technology along with each cultures biases, superstitions and passions impressed upon them and so supply us with an especially brilliant picture of the therapy of ancient guy. The Hindus believed that these people were created when bolts of lightning struck rocks. The old Greeks believed that wearing pearls would promote equilibrium in a wedding preventing newlyweds from losing rips. After his advise, Roman emperor Nero wore conoscere donne emerald glasses to watch the gladiators. This myth provided limited rise toward belief that garnet is a stone for family who travel and a crystal that may cure the broken bonds between enthusiasts. Just what gemstone could make heroes more powerful? The blue color of turquoise was considered to have powerful metaphysical properties by many people ancient countries.