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Sometimes you can save money by tracking down the source of a bad smell in your home and trying some DIY methods before you call a plumber. It's worth a try!

by WrenchWench6 months ago

Have you been having trouble starting your car, truck, van, or SUV? Here are some signs that you have a dying battery.

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Know what to expect and how to prevent or treat the most common after-effects of anesthesia, including nausea, sore throat, confusion, muscle aches, itching, and emotional outbursts.

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Trying to figure out what to write in a sympathy card? Sympathy card messages are difficult to write. Use these words of sympathy to show your condolences to your friend, relative, or loved one.

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Stuart England was astounded at the amazing story of Rev. Patrick Makel Wian who was rejuvenated at the age of 80, growing new teeth and hair, regaining his sight and hearing and living to 130 years.