Discover Martial Arts Through The Ultimate Martial Arts Library.

In case you want to start studying martial arts, the best place to begin is the Ultimate Martial Arts Library. This is the best collection of martial arts knowledge ever put together. What Is The Great Thing About Combining Sportive Training In The Martial Arts And Self-Defense Training? During the golden age of martial arts of the 1970s, a well decorated martial artist known as Dr. Ted Gambordella published his very first martial arts book. He wound up publishing 14 distinctive books which made him one of the best selling experts of martial arts books.

Of all of the books he released, only three are presently still in print. Dr. Ted Gambordella got the books which were out of print and made a CD-ROM with extra material. In addition, he took the secrets of martial arts training seminars and made two videos. Dr. Ted Gambordella continues to write with a total of 32 books. He added the videos, the extra books, as well as 10 more books, which are from the public domain, all to the compact disk. In all, you'll find 42 books and 6 hours of videos. It does not matter what skill level you are at, you will learn a great deal from the Ultimate Martial Arts Library.

One of the books bundled in this compilation, is "The 101 Deadliest Karate Moves," which is a practical text for any student or teacher, who is seriously into martial arts. You can only use these moves if your life is in danger. But there's more in this package than just learning lethal blows and kicks. Another one of the books is "Seven Days To Self Defense," which is a great book for anyone who may become a prey, by not knowing how to use self-defense. The book was penned for women so they can guard themselves from rapists. You'll learn the fundamental techniques of self-defense in seven simple to comprehend lessons. It will be easy to guard yourself in a week by learning one lesson a day, each day for a week, until you know techniques that will help you in an emergency.

"The Secrets of KI, the end of injury" is one more of the books, but it's is on how to prevent athletic injuries. It's practically anticipated that an athlete will get some type of injury over the course of their career. You'll be able to practice tactics from the book that shows how to reduce injuries. You are going to have better focus, and your skills will be sharpened when you practice conscientiously.

You'll find more than 4,000 pages in the Ultimate Martial Arts Library by the Grand Master Dr Ted Gambordella. You're going to get over six hours of videos, about 5000 photos and 42 books on martial arts for just $30. If you would like to learn martial arts, this is where you must get started.