POPSIE smileysmiley
He has a wide variety of personality traits that are good, bad or neutral. The good ones he has is being creative, having an open mind and being sociable.
His bad ones are being vengeful, sometimes having a bad temper, impatient and being forgetful. The neutral ones that are both good and bad are his ability to be manipulative, his concentration and  his empathy.
These are some of POPSIE most common traits that are most prevalent in him most of the time.Some people are hunters, caretakers and I believe he falls into the intelligent section. This is because his not good hunter or care taker but he can help devise better plans for the other roles. That is how his first good trait.
I know that he dreams in big terms of what he need in life as part of his perceived achievements. Although having big dreams is good in one’s life, it has impacted negatively on him.I think he  always set high standards when it comes to picking things. This applies to all situations related to dealing with issues at work, academics, or social relationships. Generally, he is ostensibly a hard person to please.
I burst all me in downfall and suffering unexpectedly to him.I dont know the reason why but it seems that i find comfort in him.I believe that everyone has problems or challenges to overcome everyday. Even people who think that they are perfect have problems or challenges to overcome everyday.
No one in this world will not have any challenges or problems. They will have some type of challenge or problem. People will always have issues when it comes to problems or challenges. Sometimes when I have problems in my daily life, I think of them as challenges to overcome.I know that you will feel good about it.
I believe that no one should challenge a problem in their daily life. Because you get problems and adversity anyway, no matter what, why not at least make use of them? Thinking of those obstacles as challenges is a giant step in the direction of making hardship or difficulty has meaning. Best decision I ever made was to strive to do this.
Don’t get me wrong. We still have our moments where we fail miserably and then gripe and moan for unknown amounts of time as we have a pity party. However when were done feeling sorry for ourselves we remember our goal to do this and suddenly there is a urge of strength that comes up that we didn’t know we had….and we can carry on.
to be continued......