Anaemia Kills in Pregnancy! Anaemia is a condition characterised by less oxygen carrying pigment (Haemoglobin) in blood and is the most common cause of death in pregnant women in India and other developing and underdeveloped countries. The global burden due to this disease is huge and every year millions of pregnant women either die or are severely incapacitated by anaemia during their pregnancies.

The normal haemoglobin in women should be between 10-12 gms/dl. When the haemoglobin level fall below this then it is labelled as anaemia. Women are naturally prone to anaemia due to the monthly loss of iron due to blood loss during menstruation. Hence women don't have much stores of iron in their body and hence during pregnancy, when the demand for iron increases manifold, anaemia develops.

Anaemia is often asymptomatic in the early stages. The main complaint is that of fatigue and breathlessness. The degree of these is proportional to the degree of anaemia. Apart from this friends and relatives may notice the woman to be pale. Women may also notice some swelling in the legs and palpitations. Another characteristic feature of anaemia is a craving for ice. Anaemic women love to sip on ice. Anaemia in late stages may cause severe breathlessness and palpitations. It can lead to cardiac failure in severe cases.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});