Back Care In Pregnancy

Back care is another important part of pround-color:#ff9999">pregnancy. Your backs carry an enormous load during pregnancy and it is necessary to take good care of them or else you will end up suffering severe back aches in the pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnant women should choose a comfortable chair that supports both back and thighs. She should sit well back and if necessary place a small cushion or folded towel behind the lumbar spine for additional comfort. Equal weight should be placed on each buttock to prevent strain to pelvic ligaments. The seat height should allow the feet to rest on the floor or a small foot stool may be placed under the feet. Legs should not be crossed. While standing posture should be as tall as possible with both the abdomen and buttocks tucked in. Women should try to imagine being pulled up from top and back of head. Weight must be evenly distributed on both legs to prevent undue strain on pelvic ligaments. High heels will throw the balance of pregnant women too far forward and are best discarded in favour of medium or low heeled shoes that will also support. Shoulders that are relaxed and down help to prevent back aches.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});