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The SLO is a critical component of your funnel. The SLO is an item or service you provide to your list that is relatively inexpensive. It might be a report, or a download, or a webinar. Or it could even be an affiliate product or digital product that you are promoting. The key is that the price point has become little.

Maybe your SLO is a $7 Report. Maybe it's a premium webinar you are doing for your list for $17 or $27. Or maybe it's an eBook that you are selling that expenses $47. The idea is that it's very filled and affordable with value.

Now it's important that you understand the purpose that is true of SLO. The purpose is not to make a profit. The purpose is to identify who are simply the buyers on your own list. If you are advanced, you might wish to segment the buyers on your list, so you may market to them properly.

As a business owner, you have to keep the larger image in mind. It's OK to not turn a profit from your SLO because you'll make money later whenever you start promoting your Core Product.

#3. Your Core Product.

Your Core Product is the thing that is main're selling. It could be a product you created. It could be a product you're a joint venture partner for. It could be a service. Or it may even be your Network Marketing Opportunity.

Selling your Core Product is where you'll begin to turn a profit and start to build really your company and income. My suggestion is that you begin to do your webinars that are own sell your core product. Webinars have always been the staple for top marketers to sell online. You could engage your prospects and do a Q&A even session if need be.

It's important to understand that your Core Product will require several exposures until people start purchasing or joining. It takes about 7-12 exposures to your offer until people take action so just be constant and keep providing value.

number 4. The Profit Maximizer (or Profit Multiplier)

This is where in actuality the top marketers start to separate themselves from the small time players. A Profit Maximizer is essentially a High Ticket product or program you offer your list. Typically, it something which can generate $1000, $3000, or $5,000 commissions. I've even seen some High Ticket programs that pay out all of the way up to $50,000 commissions.

Now why is a Profit Maximizer critical to your business? You a much bigger budget to do paid traffic because it give. Make no error if you want to get big you'll have to do paid traffic at some point about it. If you're able to make $1000 or $3000 for making a High Ticket sale, you might turn around and put that money into traffic. This is how the big marketers that are online their business. Retain in mind, that you shall not make a ton of sale with your Profit Maximizer. you don't need to. With one High Ticket sale, you possibly can make more than you'd make making 10 or 20 sales with your Core Product.