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Online Sales Funnel Basics You Must Know To Make More Sales
Then you've probably heard the term "the money is in the list" if you've been marketing online even for a little while,. And you know what?... That statement is 100% true.

By the end of the day, then you can build your own email list if you learn how to drive traffic and get leads.

But how do you pull sales and payment from your list?

There's a large number of methods you can benefit... even from a list that is small. But today i am going to cover every top marketer's unfair benefit - having a good funnel.

Now chances are you're a newbie marketer if you're reading this therefore I'll keep things as fundamental as possible. My goal is to offer you the concept that is general outline the four critical parts to a great sales funnel.

Part #1. The Lead Magnet.

In order to raise your optin rate, you're going to want a Lead Magnet. a bribe. In other words, you're giving away something for free to your visitors that are website exchange with regards to their email. A good Lead Magnet can be a free video, a free MP3, a free of charge report, a PDF down load, a free webinar, a free coaching session, etc. Basically, it could be anything that your market would be thinking about.

For example, if your target audience is Network Marketers, you could hand out a video that is freeor video series) that teaches how to sponsor more folks.

If your target audience is athletes, you could give away a report that is free how to be stronger and faster including what workouts to do and exactly how to eat.

Then maybe you could give away a free consultation or coaching session where you talk about what you did to lose weight and what they should change in their lifestyle to get healthier if your target market is people looking to lose weight.

You are thought by me get the drift. They key is your Lead Magnet has to be relevant to your target audience so that you have subscribers that are actually interested in what it is your providing.

Keep in mind that you could have to test two or three different Lead Magnets to see which converts the best. Often your second or third Lead Magnet will work better than your first one.

Part # 2. The SLO, or Self Liquidating Offer.

The SLO is a critical component of your funnel. The SLO is a product service or product you offer to your list that is relatively inexpensive. It could be a report, or a download, or a webinar. Or it could even be an affiliate product or digital product you are promoting. The key is that the purchase price point has become little.

Maybe your SLO is a $7 Report. Maybe it's a premium webinar you are doing for your list for $17 or $27. Or maybe it's an eBook that you're selling that costs $47. The idea is that it is very filled and affordable with value.

Now it's important that you understand the real purpose associated with the SLO.