AFC Wimbledon striker and Gatwick

AFC Wimbledon striker and Gatwick promoter Adebayo Akinfenwa boasts the biggest durability rating on FIFA 2015, and revealed why on Soccer AM.Cult football idol Adebayo Akinfenwa revealed just why he's among the most terrifying strikers in League Two with a sensational display of Buy Fifa 16 Coins durability.


The 33-year-old AFC Wimbledon forward has been rated as the most highly effective player in globe football on both the FIFA 2014 and FIFA 2015 video video activities.Known for his significant upper durability, the striker operates his own clothing label known as “Beast Method On” and is regularly seen doing weights in regional gyms.


Capable of bench-pressing up to 200 kg, which is nearly twice his bodyweight, the forward presented his durability on Soccer AM.Tasked with bench-pressing a Amazingly Structure Crystals promoter, Akinfenwa improved to the task.Maybe we online provides you with more Fifa 16 Coins news! It is great!