cleanroom testing

The relevance of particle counting, screening of HEPA filters, etcetera. is commonly identified, but how critical is the calibration of the affiliated instrumentation in a cleanroom setting?

A single of the most prevalent products in a cleanroom environment is the Magnehelic gauge. These are utilized as an effortless to study indicator for operators to validate that the differential stress among two rooms is as it really should be, they are typically utilised in conjunction with an alarm checking process. The problem is, have yours been calibrated properly however? In our experience gauges like this are checked and maybe adjusted at 0Pa but that's it. Magnehelic gauges are identified to be quite accurate however they nonetheless demand a lot more than a zero point calibration verify. A entire 5 level, increasing and falling take a look at is the most complete calibration that can executed with these and quite a few other tension gauges. You will get facts info at cleanroom training.

UKAS Calibration corporations are capable to furnished the expertise and education to carry out comprehensive calibrations of any instrumentation within just a cleanroom. This makes sure that customers receive a full offer of cleanroom testing and validation as effectively as calibration.