Kontent Machine

When working with kontent machine software you idealy need access to a spinning tool. It is possible to work with The best article spinner, the industry standard tool for all those IM’ers. However if you want the highest quality you should be using Word AI turing, SpinRewriter or Spin Chimp (more information about those in the written tutorial below the video). Word AI will product with the greatest results, but it's extremely slow to complete your initial database build and quite costly. Nevertheless you can re-use the database too many times to generate new aritcle sets if you decide to are employed in a certain niche there is an option to get Word AI to get a month and make use of your credits up building databases of content, then cancel Word AI and rehearse that content in the coming months.

If you are in a big hurry to obtain content then SpinRewriter is a good Much faster, extremely common for a Word AI full spin to look at one hour plus. However it can be really worth the wait, instead of something you require do often.Now right now Kontent Machine isn't integrated into SEnuke, so there is a few manual work required in having the content straight into your campaigns. There is an API for content machine once they have got their cloud databases setup we could ask Areeb to add this as an option.Now remember Kontent Machine is auto creating content for all of us, it’s not going to be 100%perfect if you are using the scrape method. If you would like perfect content you should use the ‘own articles’ method and make use of KM to provide in links, titles etc. Yet, in our example we make use of the scraper as that’s what many people use, so be aware of it will not be perfect.These video guide takes you through using Kontent Machine to create a database of content suitable for the SEnuke Wizard. This contains both wizard token plus a secondary list of links to high PR authority articles found with Scrapebox. You'll follow the same procedure if creating content for any other application or for FightBackNetwork.In the above long tutorial we created a report on authority sites which are all google page rank PR2+ and linked all of them with relevant longtail keywords, we did this using Scrapebox and Keyword Research/Keyword Extreme. You can however automatically create lists of authority links directly in Kontent Machine. Not only that but you can auto create generic word lists and, best of all, you may even create deep linking campaigns where specific keywords connect to specific URLs. This is incredible stuff, then one I guarantee you 99% of ofKontent Machine users do not even know exists not to mention use.Here we pick between scraping content, using existing articles or a mixture of both of them. So now if you have a substantial variety of articles written by your own personal team you need to use Kontent Machine to either insert new scraped content within them.

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