Beauty salons that rise to the challenge


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When you own a beauty salon you are faced with a combination of challenges and rewards. A wide range of personal services are offered to customers that in turn helps them relax and enhance their beauty. Before you open a beauty salon you need to have a business plan in place which should include the owners qualifications and the members of staff. One should ideally have prior experience, whereby you have worked as an assistant salon manager or as a beautician before opening a salon. If you have no experience then you should enrol in seminars and spend some time with an experienced salon owner as well as join business owner forums. Ideally you should take a certified beauty course which would be the most ideal solution.

Before purchasing a salon do some analyses and research into the location and make sure the location provides a lot of traffic. You also need to obtain financing before purchasing a salon. When applying for financing most lenders require collateral as well as tax return forms. If you are buying an established salon, make a list of all the equipment and supplies that are included in the sale. If you need to buy additional equipment and supplies make sure you buy from reputable manufacturers and avoid buying unknown brands. Staff is also required, that includes a qualified salon manager and qualified therapists. Existing beauty salons that are up for sale, usually come with existing staff, however, if your salon is brand new then you will need to advertise for staff.

You will require a receptionist, a bookkeeper, manager and therapists. Apart from initiative, one requires sound financial backing and a strong judgment in order to run a successful business. For tips and advice, consult with people who know the beauty salon business, as this can be a very lucrative business as the industry has seen a marked growth over the last few years. Owning your own business offers independence and means never having to report to a boss. Instead of buying an existing or new business you could also look into a franchise outlet which is already a well established brand such as Ella Bache which will make things a whole lot easier for you and will also accelerate your business.

Well known franchises will provide you with a steady stream of clientele and will also provide you with benefits such as marketing and advertising brand ideas. The only downside of a franchise is that you will need to follow the interior and furniture look which is standard. Franchises offer direct contacts for manufacturers and dealers which will allow you to buy in bulk at much lower prices.

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