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mSpy Review: Is This The phone that is best Tracking Software?
In this mSpy review, I aim to give you all the facts you need about this computer software. Then this is the place to be if you want to know everything about it. I also include videos here (especially for guidelines) which means you see with your eyes that are own it works. Plus, you’ll also see other user video reviews at the bottom of this page. In the comments section if you already use it yourself, may I also ask you to comment about your experience with it. Many thanks!
mSpy is a cell phone tracking software that can be downloaded and set up directly on a tablet or a smartphone that is compatible. Once it is installed, it begins recording all the activities and uploads the information into an account that is online. Then you're able to log into your account at any location so long as there is an internet connection. You can view all the activities recorded at anytime.

This software works on both phones and tablets. You need to always ensure it matches the operating system (OS) version of the device. Some of the devices that may use this application include:

Phones and tablets running Android – up to OS variation 4.4
iPads and iPhones– up to iOS 7.1.2
Symbian (Nokia)
BlackBerry – up to OS version 7.1

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Why mSpy?

These are what makes stand that is mSpy from the others:

No-Jailbreak solution (hence, device-no-physical-access solution – just for iOS devices)
All-in-one solution from single panel (both for mobile and products that are desktop
Automatic updates that are promptnew features plus adjustments)
Comprehensive consumer help (24/7 chat, email, phone – all multilingual)
Advanced technical support (such as remote installation and remote rooting/jailbreak done by technical support supervisor)


mSpy has significantly advanced over time. Initially, it only forwarded the text messages to a one number permitting you to read them. Many Thanks to technology, it has advanced level and that can now offer tracking that is many towards the user.
Read Text Messages

smsThis application records the contents of both the incoming and text that is outgoing whenever they are generated/received. This gives you the capability to view the messages, the sender’s phone number in addition to the full time when the message(s) was sent even whether they have been deleted.
Tracking Location Via GPS gpsThis software has the ability to show you the tracked phone’s exact location all the right time on Google maps.
Call History callsThe mSpy application lets you view all the incoming and outbound calls, the quantity of calls received/made, the time when the calls took spot, the contact numbers and even the period of time that each call lasted.
Internet Activities

historyThis application provides you with all URLs of all the internet sites visited. It shall additionally monitor all the activities on Skype, Viber, WhatsApp as well as Facebook Messenger. It gives you the chance to read all the sent or received mails.
View Videos & Photos

historymSpy also allows one to retrieve and view most of the photos and videos. The software downloads all the photos and videos taken with the target phone and uploads them into the account.
Incoming Call Restriction & Website Blocking

callsThis application allows you to restrict any incoming call from a number that is predefined. You can even view any installed app and even block them at the same time it is possible to block access to virtually any website that is predefined.
mspy reviews

keyloggerThis is what lets you capture any typed text. With this, you can collect all the login details, messages, search phrases and any other data that will help you to clearly uncover what your target is up to. This is a new feature that is currently available for Android devices only.
Access Address Book & Calendar historyThis software enables you to view all the true numbers recorded on the phone memory for the tracked phone alongside the names assigned to them.
Management & Security Features

historyIt enables you to decide on what the reporting is set up. Its security features also allow one to wipe the phone information, secure the device, delete the application etc.