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5 Reasons to Reglaze Glasses Rather Buying Brand New For some people, glasses are a necessity that is absolute everyday life. Nonetheless, the cost of spectacles has increased considerably in the last years that are few. Apart from more advanced lenses, the main bulk of cost is taken up by exorbitant designer frames that brandish a name that is well-known instantly doubling or tripling the cost. For those people that wear glasses, it has limited them to a single set, with no possibility of backup. However, reglazing glasses could possibly be the answer to having a range that is wide your possession rather than one pesky pair that always manage to find themselves lost or broken.

But how come reglazing so superior to buying a pair that is new?

1. It's Far Cheaper

To reglaze glasses costs a fraction of the price of the latest glasses. Instead of having to shell down for expensive frames, you can have the old ones you love, and new lenses to do the job that is same. This lowers the fee considerably. There's every chance that you have already had to pay a rather considerable bill for the first set of frames; you may not want to spend this again.
glasses lens replacement
2. You Can Go Vintage

Old is the brand new black. Vintage has swept the nation with many reverting back in to the missed beauty associated with the 50s and before. As a result of this, many glasses-wearers are crying away for vintage cups to channel this trend. You can now send your classic glasses to be reglazed, meaning you can use them as everyday glasses. Aside from steering clear of the cost of high priced designer frames, you can now snap up a pair of breathtaking vintage glasses and use them as a tool.

3. Upgrading is a lot easier

If you have actually a favourite pair of frames that you want to hang on to but need to help make the change to varifocals, reglazing may be the way ahead for you. It is possible to update the lenses to a more hi-tech version without needing to buy brand new frames or lose your old people.
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4. From Spectacles to Sunglasses If you find an old pair of glasses which you like and fancy a set of sunglasses, you are able to reglaze those spectacles to have sunglasses lenses installed. This works both means round meaning you can turn normal sunglasses to stylish spectacles too - for a very reasonable price.

5. More Backups

Due to the high costs of frames, most people only have one pair of glasses. This means there was no backup available if that pair are damaged or lost. Reglazing means that you cut out the price of expensive frames. As a result of this, it is possible to afford to have more than one pair, either as back-up or to generate an eyewear that is extensive to opt for all of your appearance!