John Stamos To Be Charged With DUI

On June 12, actor John Stamos was arrested for driving under the impact.

According to TMZ, Stamos was also underneath the influence of GHB, the date rape drug. The gossip site noted that Stamos will also be charged with driving under the affect of GHB.

According to sources, Stamos had been getting GHB as a bodyweight-decline help and slumber support.

In June, a number of drivers called authorities stating that there was an reckless driver who could be a hazard to other folks and himself.

Law enforcement initially believed that Stamos was suffering from critical medical problems and rushed the actor to the healthcare facility. Once he arrived at the hospital, medical professionals had been capable to decide that he was also beneath the impact of narcotics and he was arrested.

TMZ statements that there was an additional non-narcotic drug in his method as well.

Following his arrest, Stamos finished a a single-thirty day period rehabilitation system from material abuse.

Stamos reassured fans that he was back and healthy soon after finishing the system.

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