Celine Bag Sale impostor syndrome

When Successful People Feel Like Frauds Impostor syndrome strikes some of the most successful people. It doesn't matter how many degrees you've gotten, how much money you've earned, how many awards you've been given, or how far up on the corporate ladder you are. In fact, Ed Whitacre, former chairman and CEO of General Motors, and Debra Lee, Chairman of BET Networks, are among the top executives who admit to having suffered from Celine Bag Sale impostor syndrome. Based on my own and others' experiences with impostor syndrome, here are 10 ways to overcome it

Find a way to speak about your fears with a trusted friend, a coach, a mentor, your partner, or a therapist. Or confess your true feelings in a journal or into a recorder. One of the symptoms of impostor syndrome is isolating 2. Do a reality check. Celine Handbag

Test whether your way of seeing yourself and your abilities and accomplishments is realistic. Make a list of your special Celine Phantom Cabas skills and the qualities you have that attract people to you and have gotten you this far.

3. See others for who Celine Micro Luggage they are. Practice seeing other people as they are, with their own needs and foibles. See their strengths and weaknesses. Learning to see and accept flaws in others will allow you to see yourself in the same way, with compassion and understanding.

4. Learn to metabolize external validation. The next time someone compliments you on something you've Celine Nanno Tote done well, put aside your habitual response and allow the information to sink in. Another way to practice this is to ask a trusted ally what your special gifts are; listen carefully and take it all in.