Septic System Design Secrets


First and foremost, hire a good septic artist to do the necessary checks and drainfield design, BEFORE you design the house!!! Go out with them and tell them where you'd want to situate the home, but let them give their input. Sometimes just moving the home a couple of feet in a single direction will make the difference between an even more expensive pump system and a regular, gravity given system.

I'd some friends that were going to develop and I tried advising them on this, but wouldnt listen. Learn further on our favorite partner wiki by browsing to Septic Systems And Engineering Company Now Offering Fast Septic System Replacements. The paradox is, if they would have listened and moved the home about 10-feet to the west, they might have gone with a gravity fed program for about $3,500. Since it ended up, they spent a lot more than $8,000 because they set your house right where the drainfield needs to have gone.