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It comes as no real shock that the book by Andy Weir, The Martian would be the top selling book now. The movie adaptation was released last week coupled with the second highest October opening in the past. The book surely could grab the highest spot for NY Times and iBook sales, while grabbing the quantity two location for Nook sales and the phone number five location for Kindle sales. To help martian by andry weir, the martian audiobook, download martian free has a good resource.

The Kindle First books dominated the Kindle list with four from the five books portion of the program. The Martian may be the first book to have on the list outside the program. The Murder House by James Patterson does more than the week, the way it grabs the highest spot for Nook sales, the quantity two area for iBook sales, and the telephone number twelve location for Kindle sales. You can also search Yahoo at Its secure.
The Girl for the Train by Paula Hawkins and All the Light We Can See by Anthony Doerr both continue doing well for the charts as despite months than it being out, still it continues to obtain to the highest of most of the lists. Both books is able to obtain onto the superior ten for NY Times.
There are a few big name authors who will be releasing books soon. R.R. Martin is releasing a whole new book for his series called A Knight of Seven Kingdoms and The Rose Society by Marie Lu. Another book to seem out for is Confessions of Kleptomaniac by Jessica Sorensen.
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Andy Weir can be an American science fiction novelist most common for his popular first novel 'The Martian.' Originally self-published this season and then rereleased by Crown Publishing in 2014 it tells the storyline of an American astronaut stranded alone on Mars. The film adaptation starring Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain are going to be released on Friday October 2, 2015.
According to Wikipedia 'The Martian' will be the story of NASA astronaut Matt Watney that's left stranded on Mars if the crew with the Ares 3 mission is forced to evacuate their landing site. This all happens in a dust storm in which his space suit is damaged causing his crew mates to consider that he is dead. He survives the storm but is left alone without way to contact Earth and the man must count on his skills being a botanist plus a mechanical engineer to remain alive.
NASA discovers that she is alive when satellite images from the landing site show activity and begins offers to rescue him. The rest from the Ares 3 crew is on its way back in Earth so NASA initially decides to not tell them about Watney's situation. He faces one ordeal after another with damaged equipment plus a harsh environment but he will not quit. Eventually he gets rescued when he intercepts the Hermes aircraft throughout a flyby.

Andy Weir began writing 'The Martian' during 2009 and after denial by literary agents he put it to use his website one chapter at the same time for free.