Singer/Songwriter Chase Coy Releases Debut Album 'Picturesque' With Universal Republic Records

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The multi-talented singer/songwriter played a romantic show at 'The Roxy' on Sunday, June 20th where he played his new album, 'Picturesque' acoustic style. If someone wants to obtain an archive deal, they simply need to place the effort and time in, and realize that in the current music industry, that may mean countless hours in front of a screen instead of on the road playing shows. How many songs maybe you have written thus far within your life?.

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It appears the ancients may have had knowledge that has been lost to us. He is even developing a computer device to capture and analyze what most people call "orbs" so as to know whether they are really something paranormal or merely plain ordinary dust particles inside the air. His collection of songs happen to be described as hopeful, uplifting, intimate and deeply personal having a vast universal appeal. There's maybe 10-15 really old songs that I wrote before my first EP which Noise Impact Assessment have never been released, about another 20 or more that have been written between then and my new CD being released that haven't been used yet, and I've already written about 10-12 more since my CD was finished, so with all of the ones I've released added in too, which makes around 85 or so? I really want to start writing for/with other people lot more too, so I'm sure I'll be adding a lot more compared to that number in the near future. They flew me out to speak to me about collaborating with them on future projects, and after some months of negotiation, I signed my record deal.

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