Best 150cc Bikes in India-2

•       Suzuki Gixxer: Giving out a mileage of 64.13 kilometers per liter, Suzuki Gixxer is hands down the most famous Suzuki bike to have ever set foot in Indian market. Its good looks and charming style has
garnered a whole lot of attention from all around the country. It appears muscular and strong, plus the handling is very easy. It is available in India at Rs 75,040.

•       TVS Apache RTR 160: High end performance and awesome handling are what describes TVS Apache RTR 160. Having tasted a great amount of success ever since it first got launched, this bike produces a mileage of 60 kilometers per liter. Capable of reaching up to the top speed of 118 km/h, it is available at Rs 72,344 making it a pocket friendly option too.