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Sam Muslin’s exclusive VENLAY® Restorations for non-surgical treatment using the Face Lift dentistry method. The dentist has to understand the advantages and disadvantages of all the porcelain systems available today in order to give the patient the best possible technology and durability. It seems like it is a matter of personal pride in doing the best he can for his clients. Dr. Take a look at the two patients below that clearly have different aesthetic goals. The shape of her face improved with her jaw position optimized to her face. Yost and was very hesitant to go, only because in the past I had been scammed by a couple different dentists who had told me I had several cavities that would need fillings. Fantastic doctor! This is the new age of dentistry where patients can optimize the shape and proportions of their faces, their facial profiles, their chin sizes and improve their health with an optimized bite built to their facial structures non-invasively.

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He has practice restorative and re constructive dentistry on the “cutting edge” for more than 30 years in Santa Monica, California. Sam Muslin. The goal is to treat the entire face, the balance and function of the bite, and the overall health of the body. Once the porcelain is bonded into place the results are evident and long term. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. You can see the improved shape to their faces and facial profiles while these actual patGents of Dr. The internet has certainly made it much easier and more convenient to find a dentist and you will certainly be able to find one that avails the best treatment to you and this will certainly mean you are guaranteed of the best results possible. Beyond “Perfect Smiles” and “Anti-aging Dentistry”! I would like to give my professional opinion as a person that is completing a Ph. in Industrial Organizational Psychology ie: the psychology of the workplace.