Its over!!!

Have you ever asked yourselves.What is the bravest thing you have ever done?My answer to that is letting go.Let me share my thoughts to this.For me relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting them back together.
Letting go has been a problem, common among all ages, from all walks of life, may it be letting go of a love, a job, a thing or whatever that you are so attached to. Sometimes people think that it can be done with one night’s sleep, and immediately the feeling of attachment will be gone and eventually you will let go. No matter who we are in life, or what position we hold, it will come to a point that we will have to learn to let go, let go of something important to us.
There is no device or a quick-fix method to make this feeling go away instantly, to drive away months or years of attachment. Some people even take a lot of time to let something go and move on with their lives. Worst some fail to let go and never move on with their life.
The hardest thing to let go is someone you have loved so much, someone you have shared much of your life and you always thought he would be forever there. Once you build this attachment, it is like a habit to you, how your day will be is dependent on how your relationship is going to be with that other person for that day. It is an investment to put your heart completely to another person that when it fails, we go into emptiness.
When I lost the one I love i never thought of letting go or moving on as an option but i know that if i will do this someone will be happy.I thought my relationship was never going to end, a fairytale come true. It felt like everything was going the way we wanted. We even planned our future together, believing that we were meant to be in that relationship. The sweet promises of forever, an everlasting love, we had it all. In our case we both struggle in our own partners in life.Me trying to let go and forget my past failed relationship and him struggling to escape from his wife.We both felt like its the end of everything.But we can never tell what our future would be.Then i met him.It helped me forget for once in my life that i came from nightmare that caused my heart to bleed.We instantly felt like we found each other on a purpose.That God planned everything.Everything was going well until i decided a different life, a life that his no longer  part of.



to be continued