letting go 2

Minutes were like hours, days were like months, and months were like years. The cycle was too tiring.I kept on crying, wishing that what if we met before.You know why it hurts?Because we loved each other too much.But its complicated.If i will let him stay i know i will not be happy.Though i know i have him but the fact that he will choose me over his children hurts alot.I have to let him go.Eventhough it will caused me too much pain i will take it because i could not stand the fact that he will left his children for me.I dont want to be selfish.I was hurt in my past relationship and i just want to be happy.Happy in a sense that no one will get hurt.I loved him.I wish and pray that i met you earlier, so that we will not worry about others.
I hope in God's perfect time we will be together in what they called PARADISE.I love you very much.Hope to see you again.