California state lottery gas pump "self-serve" ticket sales fuel controversy

A new method to purchase lottery tickets in California gas stations will be fueling controversy. Critics say it's pumping up sales in the expense of customers who can afford it the actual least, CBS News' John Blackstone reports.

For California lottery officials, convenience shops apparently aren't fairly convenient sufficient for choosing lottery tickets.

"Gas stations tend to be certainly one of our crucial list locations. Thus if we're seeing that many people who aren't going in to become able to the store, we have to find a method to try and put our goods before those people," California lottery spokesperson Alex Traverso here said.

The state offers now joined North Carolina, Minnesota as well as Missouri as the just real states providing "self-serve" lottery tickets. Virtually 90 stations throughout California are now offering lottery tickets at the pump, as well as dozens much more are looking forward to state approval.

all you do is actually swipe the driver's license along using your credit rating or even debit card.

It's that will "why not" element and the extra convenience that concern Bert Klasey. His documentary film "Out Associated With Luck" argues which state lotteries take advantage of vulnerable dream-seekers.

"The folks that are truly acquiring the tickets and also the people who're making up nearly all lottery revenue tend to be individuals that are poor, folks who are undereducated the ones who're addicted," Klasey said.

He said it's hazardous in which those individuals can easily obtain a ticket together with plastic.

"The fact that you could gamble on a bank card can be a actually scary proposition," he said.

Lottery officials say they're doing their own part to produce certain gasoline pump ticket-buyers play responsibly.

"It's capped at $20 per day along with $50 any week, therefore we feel safe with those amounts and really feel such as which will be a responsible amount," Traverso said.

There might be 1 obstacle to end up being able to this plan. It's certainly convenient to get any lottery ticket at the pump, but furthermore for California drivers having to become able to pay close to $4 a gallon, it's difficult to feel lucky when you're in the pump.

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