$4.5 million-worth Spanish gold coins discovered on 300th anniversary of 1715 shipwreck

Exactly 300 years to the day after a hurricane destroyed 11 Spanish ships off the coast of Florida, a salvage company made an incredible discovery worth $4.5 million.

Brent Brisben, 1715 Fleet Queens Jewels CEO, said the July 30 find was "magical" and "surreal."

"Not only to have these incredible artifacts come up with their great value, but to have it actually happen on the 300th anniversary is really something I can't articulate," Brisben said Wednesday on "CBS This Morning."

Brisben's team recovered 350 sunken gold coins including nine Royals, artifacts he said haven't been found since 1998.

"These Royals are perfect specimens of coinage of the time and they we