BOPET extrusion system has been accepted successfully

Our customer who is one of the biggest packaging material suppliers in China accepted our 1000kg/hr BOPET extrusion system.

This system contains two sets of SAT40 twin screw extruders and one group of SAT110 twin screw extruder that constituted a multi-layers BOPET extrusion system. This consumer also bought one group of SAT95 twin screw extruder for film margin recycle range from us.

Comparing with traditional sole screw extruder practice, twin screw extruder approach for BOPET can save electric power energy up to 35%. This improvement significantly cut the processing cost by eliminating electric power and time-consuming pre-crystallization and pre-drying system. In addition, it save labor price and turnover time of pre-handling recycleables.

The polymer extrusion secret of the cutting edge is the fact that twin screw extruder can outfit with high vacuum system which exposure your pet melt within the vacuum condition as long as possible to be able to exhaust out the moisture and low molecular particles that may entail PET hydrolysis so the IV of PET will drop down. Single screw extruder is normally difficult to equip with solid vacuum program without loss of output.