Reason of cashmere pilling and how to handle with

Real cashmere will get pilling, this is a normal phenomena, but pilling will affect the beauty, how to handle it, this is a question.

Cashmere will get pilling because of improper dressed or friction with hard thing, some loose fiber will fall off and entangle together to pilling, this is normal. Even if high quality cashmere sweater, it will have slight pilling when wearing.

This problem will explain from textile product pilling. When we wear the cashmere product, Due to the friction effect of coat, the shorter fiber yarn will slip out then entangle together at the textile surface. Cashmere which is derived from goat, its fiber is slimmer and shorter than wool fiber, and common cashmere sweater is always woolen making, shorter fiber content is higher, so it is easy to slip out to entangle together. But sometimes, some merchant will add chemical fiber or other fiber to increase its anti-pilling ability, as some chemical fiber mixed with cashmere, then feeling is similar with cashmere. So please affirm big brand when choose cashmere sweater, these brands will be very strict when choosing cashmere yarn, they will choose high quality cashmere yarn manufacturer to be their supplier, just like Consinee cashmere, it is a professional world leader cashmere yarn supplier, it is loved by people and famous brand in the world,

How to avoid cashmere textile product getting pilling?

When wearing inside, the closed overcoat inside layer should be smooth, it isn’t rough or hard, inner bag should not install hard thing to avoid friction; when wearing outside, the sleeves do not friction with desktop too long, sleeves do not friction with sofa armrest too long. Please pay attention to that do not wear too long, just to recover its elastic to avoid fiber damage.

When clothes get pilling, do not pull , the correct way is to cut off the pilling ball after washing, after washing several times, the pilling phenomena will disappear. For part pilling, you can just cut them off and use brush to brush. For large area pilling, you can just put your cashmere sweater in a plain desktop, brush the dust and straight, using dedicated electric shaver to shave the pilling ball.

Cashmere product needs to care carefully, so we need to be carefully when wearing, washing and storing.