Domestic LED industry showed a small pitch Six Trends

Since 2012 a small pitch led display to enter the marketplace, the device with its positive aspects of Infinity's rapid improvement, in 2014 led a compact pitch merchandise to attain a 900 million in sales.


2015 full-year is expected to scale at about 1.56 billion, in comparison with 900 million in 2014, the industry size, a rise of 71.9%. Taking a look at the industry inside the first half, the market showed a modest pitch led six power:


1. Hikvision and Dahua speedy introduction of safety firms, the marketplace blew once again


As early as 2015, Philips and Riyadh signed a strategic cooperation with Riyadh item and technologies, Philips channels and brand positive aspects, high-profile fine pitch LED market. Foreign brands, Samsung Electronics launched P1.1 Following the acquisition of YESCO tiny spacing.


Domestic brands, except Vewell, 2015 Hikvision and Dahua safety companies have also been put into a tiny pitch led show market in the past, the little distance between LED products in to the monitoring field, and inside the first half began to P1.two merchandise Applications.


two.P2.0 and P1.six turn into mainstream, P2.5 progressively routinized (variable message signs)


Compact pitch LED items considering that 2013, P2.0, P1.eight, P1.5, P1.4, P1.2 emerging from the sales proportion of view, P2.five the following item sales has currently begun a downward trend, sales volume the proportion of point of view, the initial half of 2015 the following P2.five, P2.0 and P1.six solution is virtually one-third from the world predicament, an incredibly large modify in the 2014 product structure.


Particularly, P2.5 the main face of the bigger, a lot more limited price range prospects, applications a lot more extensively, as costs fell substantially, the mainstream LED show enterprises are turning to P2.0 solution smaller sized pitch items;


P2.0 (P1.8-P1.9) is at the moment rather awkward scenario, high-end buyer items to steadily shift P1.6, P1.6 pitch due around six square meters is usually accomplished in full HD show, the current relatively high customer acceptance turn out to be suppliers the key push goods, larger than the proportion of sales P2.0.


3. The official buying remains a vital breakthrough inside the application of higher business


As we all know, compact pitch LED LCD solution costs somewhat higher, somewhat couple of applications within the security surveillance, the main control room applications.


In the point of view of industrial applications, mostly in the army and government and public services (mostly public security), accounted for more than 50% larger broadcasting and transport sectors, accounted for greater than 10%, the power sector demands somewhat heightening, DLP solution advantages nevertheless sturdy, the proportion is fairly low, accounting for 9%. Public venues bigger space, conventional LED indoor show can meet, need fewer P3 solutions.


The "Made in China" to "Chinese wisdom made" to bring possibilities for little pitch LED small business


By 2015, the nation place forward the "Internet " and "Made in China 2025," the relevant policies, clearly to market details technology and industrialization, the depth of integration as the key line, to create intelligent manufacturing, and create industrial ecological program and new manufacturing mode beneath situations of informationization manufacture of this approach.(led traffic sign)


Intelligent manufacturing information technology ecosystem, not only will gather the tip of every single controller, the information sensors, machine vision, intelligent robotics, machine handle gear and other devices, but in addition through the plant location of ??video surveillance, information and facts dissemination and networking facilities reach remote monitoring information and facts management, might be seen, which includes a little pitch LED display applications, including large-screen show merchandise will likely be substantially enhanced.