Colors of various gemstone

We can see different colors in different gemstones. However, have you ever think about the same characters of these different gemstones from cubic zircon gemstones supplier? Actually, they have some same characters in color. Now we can have a view at it together.


Gemstone, because it is the single crystal, the chemical elements of the chemical composition of more stringent compliance with the laws of impurity ions relative exclusivity, and thus a relatively uniform chemical composition, purity, so the gem colors have unity, that is, a gemstone color, like hot sale synthetic gemstones, is caused by a or both relatively fixed ions caused ruby color is caused by the ion, sapphire color is made of iron and titanium ions caused. Gemstone color is relatively uniform, that is, a gemstone color substantially distributed throughout the crystal. One kind or two kinds of pigment formed of gemstone ions constitute a more uniform color.


So next time, when you go to the market of colored zircon gemstones wholesale, you will find the truth of various colors for the gemstones.