The Ultimate Experience Gift Fly Mig-29

Soon the Christmastime is certainly imminent; everybody is barely searching Christmas gifts. Several of us are searching for the kado pernikahan gift, like for example the opportunity for a mig flight. There are several possibilities to buy such an amazing Christmas gift.

Elsa Hagman was one of several, looking for the ultimative experience gift for her husband. Niklas Hagman is definitely passionated about aviation since many years and he flew already several special aircrafts like the Super or a Boeing 707, but he never really had the opportunity fly a mig. Its no real surprise a mig flight is one of his biggest wishes.

After trying different possibilities to find flights in a fighter aircraft, especially for a mig trip, she tipped in the search criteria ride air travel mig on Google which offered her the hyperlink to book a mig air travel as search result. Elsa instantly booked the mig flight and today had the ultimate experience gift.

Niklas was happy about the gift and quickly went to Russia to get his mig flight. That for he visited Nizhny Novgorod, a city between and Kazan. Arrived there, he was found by a driver which brought him to the airport. There, everything was ready for his mig flight. Because it was the first time he previously the opportunity to fly mig-29 he got instructed by the staff responsible for the mig flight. They explained him every step of the mig trip, from remove to the end.

He actually enjoyed his mig air travel, where he had the opportunity to fly with supersonic swiftness and test the versatility of the mig-29. During his mig flight he even had the opportunity to fly mig himself, beneath the eyes of the experienced pilot, which already passed several mig flights.
After he was back again from his unforgettable mig air travel he had the chance to talk to the crew whilst consuming something and discussing a bit about his ultimate experience present of a mig flight.

Even if the Mig-29 is almost 30 years old, there are still new aircrafts to become build and modified. But a lot of them are used for the surroundings forces, so there are a few people outside military crews around, which currently had the chance to fly mig.

Niklas Hagman is one of them and he could be very proud about the knowledge. He never really thought he will have a chance to fly mig-29, until his wife gave him the mig airline flight as a present, a Christmas gift he will never forget.