Figure Out How To Love Book Summaries

I've been a college professor for pretty much 20 years. I say that simply to provide background to the bit of advice that I'm planning to share with you. I'm often asked by students that are planning to head off to school if I've any words of wisdom o-r pieces of advice to give them. Yes, I really do. I've lots of assistance for students entering college. The college world is drastially different than life growing up together with your family. There's much I might share, but I will stay glued to one piece of advice which may surprise you: learn to love book summaries. If you know any thing, you will likely claim to research about Founder of Custom College Visits Will Share Expert Advice During the First Annual National College Planning Summit. What? Not the advice you were expecting? Well, there you have it. My number-one bit of advice (academically anyway) for students entering college. You are amazed by this because I've already stated that I am a college professor. Well, I'll explain why book summaries may save your college experience. It's actually fairly simple. College isn't easy. You've probably heard that from every person you know that's been in school and lived to fairly share it. It's maybe not high school anymore, and so every thing is cranked up a level and you'll realize that more is needed of you in college. Having more required of you does mean that more reading is required of you and that more books are given to you. Hence my advice about book summaries. Book summaries are among the greatest tools you can use to obtain the most information from all there is to know. For instance, if you've weekly where you are given a different book to read in each of the five classes, then there is no-way that you'll manage to read each book entirely. Alternatively, go for book summaries. Book summaries could often be found in libaries or at on line sources. Do some research before you go off to school and see what resources of book summaries you will get. Another suggestion this one of my own college professors gave me during college was to read the introduction or opening chapter of every book, then read just the first and last sentences of each part through the entire book till you reached the summary chapter which you would read completely. If you are concerned with video, you will perhaps want to read about He gave this method to me and I used it throughout school and then in grad school. It's a means of making your own personal book summaries if you cannot get ahold of one. School is hard enough without being forced to balance all the reading that's required. Get further on a partner essay by clicking Founder of Custom College Visits Will Share Expert Advice During the First Annual National College Planning Summit. Get your hands on book summaries and your school experience will soon be easier, less tense and more full of what exactly you need to enjoy..