Ottawa Family Counselling - How to Find a Good Therapist


Ottawa family counselling will help your family, work past clashes and renew relationships.  Family therapy works to improve communication between all members. The communication gap is often the root of many issues and needs to be discussed before working on other issues that may be occurring.  When the stresses become chronic and the family has tried to solve the issues without much success, family therapy might be the best option. The process of family counselling encourages a change in the family system so that the family can better meet the requirements of the family members, which can outcome in improved wellbeing.

Ottawa family counsellors useemotionally focused therapy(EFT) andattachment theory. These research based models state that change comes from identifying negative thoughts, and learning to certainly respond to our family member’s initialrequirements.Family distress usually looks like negative self-strengthening cycles, where family members want to react to insecurity in the family through predictable emotional responses such aswithdrawing, blaming, or placating. The basic focus of family therapy is to have afollowing of the family members’primary emotions and requirements in order to understand their behaviour within the negative thoughts that are causing dysfunction. Family therapy believes that unmet attachment needs within the family outcomes in dysfunction in parenting, family communication problems and intensifying symptoms within one child or one parent, the recognized problem. However, the real fact is the child is not the problem: the family communication and insecure attachment are the problem.


Well Trained Staff


Ottawa Counselling has highly trained counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists, who can assist with all types of personal, couple and family issues. When you talk with Ottawa counsellor, you are not talking with an automated system. You will speak to a human being who will assist you toget a therapist that works for you.


Client centred

With Ottawa Counselling, you are in control of your treatment. They are not here to tell you what to do. Instead, they listen carefully to your needs, taking them into careful consideration.They create personalized therapy options for you. They tailor their treatments to your specific needs, faith, and location.They believe that counselling should be focused entirely on the client. They are in the business of helping you recover, and we want to make sure that we can do that as effectively as possible.


Competitive Rates


Their rates are comparable with other Ottawa counselling rates. They charge the industry standard rate every time.If you have insurance cover, you are likely covered. All of theircertified therapists are managed by an Ontario registered psychologist and so they are capable to give receipts appropriate for insurance companies.

Family Counselling works to enhance accessibility and quick response in the family, develop communication, and recreate new family connections to demonstrate that the family members orparents are emotionally available. When parents are likingto each other and when they are on the same page of parenting, children will feel safe and families can be the safe and loving homes they are meant to be.