Jeep Commander: Stuck in a Sales Rut

Just months after its substantially publicized release, the 7 passenger Jeep Commander is a big disappointment for DaimlerChrysler to the point where it has grow to be an albatross around the automakers neck. Stung with bloated inventories in excess of one hundred days an sector killer the Commander is now commanding discounts of more than $5000 per automobile. What went wrong? A lot, specially if you study what the pundits and prognosticators have to say about the new Jeep. No car introduction really should be problematic yet, as for the Jeep Commander this model has fallen effectively short of sales ambitions. There are a great number of reasons why the Commander can be failing to reside up to expectations like: Higher Fuel Costs Gasoline pushing previous $2.50 per gallon cannot help any SUV. With the Commanders 3 thirsty engine selections, the value at the pump can be painful. But, the even larger Chevrolet Tahoe is promoting nicely despite high fuel costs. Dated Styling Jeep mentions the Commanders heritage exterior design and style as one of the chief draws for the car. Take one appear at the Commander, and the styling cues of the 1984 Jeep Cherokee quickly come to thoughts. Browse here at the link the guide to zion atv jeep tours to read the purpose of it. Even though some autos effectively incorporate the look of an earlier model with no copying the style, the Commander looks awfully like the earlier Cherokee, only stretched out. Personally, I identify the style to be dated and awkward. Cramped Interior Put the Commander up against the next most significant Jeep, the Gran Cherokee, and you will see that the interior space is just about the identical. This is terrible simply because the Commander comes equipped with a third row of seats so there must be alot more space. Various have complained that only two little youngsters could fit in the last row which, incidentally, does not completely fold into the floor like the stow n go function on the DCX minivans. Overpriced Completely loaded Commanders are retailing for properly over $40,000. When this price tag range can be expected for the likes of a Yukon, Tahoe, or Expedition, it cant for the Commander. Of course, the Commander is larger than the Gran Cherokee which is priced just beneath $40,000. All the same, if you place the two models side by side, numerous would say that the Gran Cherokee is the improved of the two. So, will DaimlerChrysler in reality discontinue the Commander? That isnt likely. Alternatively, look for large rebates to stay in spot and production to be permanently cut back. For the lengthy term, DCX will need to have to give some severe consideration as to no matter if the Commander will stay component of the Jeep line up. In my opinion, if it does, it demands to be seriously overhauled in order to compete in todays marketplace. In all, the Commander is a costly mistake for the automaker. Navigating To maybe provides lessons you can use with your friend. In the course of these instances of strong and aggressive competition, the Commander is a misstep that can't be ignored by DaimlerChrysler. To compare additional info, please check out: try Goodness knows the Commander is being ignored by Jeep faithful who are spurning the model altogether..