Herbal Treatment For Excessive Discharge Of Precum

Precum is a clear and sticky liquid that is produced when a man becomes sexually aroused. It is let out from the tip of the male organ when a man is sexually stimulated. Not just during foreplay, hand practice and during lovemaking, but this precum can be triggered through visual stimulation as well.

The amount of this liquid produced by one man will be different from that of another. Even there are chances that some men do not even have such a precum discharge as well. When the discharge of precum is delayed, men will be in a position to delay the orgasm during lovemaking. The relieving thing about this discharge is that it is not accompanied by any sensual feeling and there is nothing similar to orgasm during this discharge. But, treatment for excessive precum discharge is essential because it can cause a sense of embarrassment to men. Even, it can be the cause behind lack of self-confidence in men, when they interact with sexual partner.

Other names: This discharge is called by other names like pre seminal fluid, pre ejaculatory fluid, pre ejaculate and cowper's fluid.

What causes precum?

Even though, this discharge happens during arousal in every man, many men do not experience it. When it happens in excess, it becomes important to find a reliable treatment for excessive precum discharge.

It is produced in excess due to the weakened parasympathetic nerves and PC muscles. The parasympathetic nerves are responsible for controlling the reaction of body during sexual arousal. These nerves keep the ejaculation and pre ejaculation valves closed. When they are weak, these nerves can drain the level of bio-energy in a man. This can lead to a number of sexual problems like premature ejaculation, ED, loss of erection and pre ejaculate leakage.

The PC muscle are basically used for controlling the output of urine and this muscle also acts as the floor of the pelvis, thereby supporting the organs in the pelvic area. When these muscles become weak, the support provided to the pelvic organs are reduced and this can lead to a number of penile conditions inclusive of excessive precum discharge. So, the treatment for excessive precum discharge should involve strengthening the PC muscle and parasympathetic nerves. This is where herbal remedies called as No Fall capsules and Maha Rasayan capsules will provide excellent treatment for excessive discharge of precum.

How can they help?

During the treatment for excessive discharge of precum, these capsules in addition to strengthening the PC muscle and parasympathetic nerves can also provide excellent strength to the reproductive organs in men to help them lead a problem free love life.

This treatment for excessive discharge of precum involves all natural ingredients that can be safe on men and will not cause any side effects. In addition to providing complete improvement to the health of reproductive organs, the ingredients can also help in improving the vigor and vitality in men to engage in satisfactory lovemaking during every episode.


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