IFC Composites developed the world's first glass fiber leaf spring for 40-ton trucks

IFC Composites’ new light truck composite leaf springs cut 400kg of truck weight vs. steel version.Fiberglass chopped strand mat This leaf springs was displayed in 2014 at the 65th IAA for Commercial Vehicles (Sep. 25-Oct. 2, Hannover, Germany). Announcing that this development is ready for serial production, IFC's development manager Matthias Voigt commented, "In recent months, the development progress was enormous. We have made a breakthrough and are confident to bring our fiberglass leaf springs for the truck segment in series."

The focus for this heavier truck component is again weight savings, with a reported 400 kg saved compared to a steel component. IFC says this weight savings can be used in load or converted to improve fuel economy. The CO2 emissions also decrease and the vehicle benefits from the finer response and reduced tire noise.

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