Step by Step Guide to Open Company in Spain

Step by Step Guide to Open Company in Spain

There are multiple types of business structures available to choose from, for the individuals and businesses those willing to incorporate in Spain. Lequidy is a leading law firm in the country offering easy and affordable legal solutions. Many local and international businesses found the expertise of Lequidy’s lawyers beneficial. They assure you complete support and guidance to open company in Spain.

Steps to Register Business in Spain:

1.    Company’s Name – The no-name coincidence certificate need to be collected from Registro Mercantil Central. It is done to verify that your chosen company name is reserved to your name and it is not previously taken by anyone else.

2.    NIE Number – The tax identification number (NIF for legal entities), or a foreigner identity number (NIE for individuals) is mandatory as per Spanish legislation.

3.    Bank Account – In the next step to open company in Spain, you will need to open a bank account for the company and deposit capital amount.

4.    Notary’s / Establishment Deed – In this stage to register business in Spain, signing the establishment deed will be required at the Notary’s office.

5.    Social Security – Being the Company’s director or administrator, you will be required to register at the Spanish social security (Tesoreria General de la Seguridad Social).

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