LED Grow Lights Wattages–300w Vs 1200w Vs 450w

When it comes to indoor gardening, the usage of growing lights is gaining a lot more popularity. You will find two different types of growing lights - HID growing lights and LED growing lights. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let us focus on LED growing lights right here. With the right use, you will see your plants grow quickly. They can dramatically improve the growth of your plants. In the end, you will walk away with maximum yield and growth. If you are searching for the best quality LED grow lights, then I would suggest you to choose Budmaster because they're the best in the industry.

How Does It Work?
Let’s have a look at the working of LED growing lights. If you don’t know already, LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. When it comes to indoor growing, they are the most recent entrants, and catching on just like wild fire. How can they work? They work by using high-powered 1-3 watt diodes. These diodes are capable of emitting intense light. The spectrum of light generated by them is exactly what the plants need to grow. For vegetative state you require 400nm whereas for flowering you require 725 NM. All thanks to the actual spectrum produced by these lights, they are really extremely useful in the overall growing procedure.

Different Watt LED Growing Lights
LED growing lights can be purchased in different watts. In comparison with HID lights, they may be far more powerful. If you visit a salesman, he will clearly declare that 600w HID light gives equal result as 180w LED light. Although results can be compared, it can't be completely true. I recommend you to do your own testing before you believe a store assistant.

Brighter The Better
Yes, the brighter the better. If you are targeting better results, then I indicate you to select brighter lights. You may surely compare a 360 watt LED light with 600 watt HID light. When it comes to HID lights, chances are high for burn outs in terms of higher wattage lights. In this article you do not have to worry much about that. For the same explanation, LED lights are far more expensive.

300w Vs 450w Vs 1200w
Yes, it is time for us to perform a comparison of wattage.

  • The effectiveness will get better as you may raise the wattage. This means 450w LED Grow Lights can perform much better than 300w LED Grow Light and 1200w LED Grow Lightwill perform better than both 300w LED Grow Light and 450w LED Grow Light.

  • However, the price get increased as you increase the wattage. So 300w LED Grow Light will be relatively less costly, whereas 1200w LED Grow Light will be reasonably costly.

Wattage Requirement
Does the chip wattage matter in any way? Whenever we check out the best possible producers,
they all have patents because of their lens, reflector and diode technologies. Let’s also consider the wattage necessity. So what can plants require - low light or full sun conditions? With Dimmable LED lights, you will be able to modify PAR intensity. Light productivity are adjustable with the help of dimmable LEDs. They will even mimic the seasonal light changes. When we are talking about the high quality LED lights, there are only a couple of trustworthy brands. Budmaster is one such brand which we entirely support.