BIRDS EYE 17102015

BIRDS EYE 17102015

My foundation also has the following chapters:

1- The 14th Apostolic Ministry.

2- The Confederacy of African States

3- The Birds Eye View

4- The Universal Code of Success

5- The multisystem political Doctrine


Kawombe Tamale is a Social Entreprenuer,Businessman,Church Administrator,Buganda Royal Official,Educationist and a Theorist.



1-    Foreign policy shall be assigned to a continental government.
2-    It shall be the preserve of the continental government to raise and maintain a standing army.
3-    It shall be the preserve of the national /regional government to raise and maintain a standing national guard/police force respectively.
4-    Continental /national/regional economic priorities shall revolve around continental/national/regional infrastructure projects.
5-    In avoidance of doubt, the continental/national/regional economy shall run of private basis with the state intervening in areas of strategic importance.
6-    Continental /national/regional economic policy shall be segregated into 7 areas such as;
National/regional/continental resource,  Human resource, National/regional/continental  organization, Enterprise development, National/regional/continental  Assurance, National/regional/continental  trusts and National/regional/continental  Advocacy.
7-    Each policy area shall be globally competitive and superintended by a minister .The sub-sectors shall be supervised by a deputy minister, monitored by parliamentary committee and administered by a permanent secretary.



1-      To  transform  advanced level education to college training

2-      To introduce a universal loan scheme for all college going students.

3-      To inculcate skills training in the existing primary and secondary education curriculum.

4-      To enact an apprentice act whereby all public and private institution shall engage youth on a semi-voluntary basis for a period not less than 6 months.

5-       To provide youth business with tax holiday of 5yrs.

6-      To promote business incubation and call centers.

7-      To introduce youth savings and loan schemes in all financial institutions.

8-      To support civil/religious and cultural youth initiatives and exchanges.

9-      To mandate all public institutions to create playing fields for the youth in the community they serve.

10-   To introduce community youth-work program.

11-   To regulate gambling or pass time activities.

12-   To introduce community work program as one of the penalties in the penal code.