Singer/Songwriter Chase Coy Releases Debut Album 'Picturesque' With Universal Republic Records

As a working audio engineer, my favorite type of gear will be the kind that pays for itself over as well Noise Assessment as over again. To celebrate, the newly signed artist recently toured in support of his album, fully written and produced through the young musician himself, entitled 'Picturesque'. The Zoom H4N is precisely that type of recording gear. With a price of $299 and way too many features chatting here, the Zoom might be the largest value in recording equipment available today.

David Rountree can be a frequent radio show guest and has appeared nationally on George Noory's Coast to Coast AM. Being situated in among those places has benefits, however it definitely has a smaller amount importance laptop or computer used to. It provides great sound quality and works just like a charm.

That quest to find out how has sparked David's interest in the paranormal since the chronilogical age of nine in 1965 while residing in Delray Beach, Florida. I attempt to write about things inside a way that leaves a little room for individuals to relate the songs to their particular lives and so they may then bring their very own meaning to it. All of this from what began at the age of sixteen when he first begun to write and record songs in his parent's basement. There's maybe 10-15 really old songs that I wrote before my first EP that have never been released, about another 20 or more that were written between then and my new CD being released that haven't been used yet, and I've already written about 10-12 more since my CD was finished, so effortlessly the ones I've released added in too, which makes around 85 or so? I really want to start writing for/with other people lot more too, so I'm sure I'll be adding a lot more to that particular number inside the near future. Michael Persinger's research, for example, which can be called "Quantum Neurology," or low energy stimulation of specific areas of the brain, will be capable of treat certain symptoms.

Jazz is another genre of music that's perfectly suited for the Zoom, specially when it's totally acoustic instead of amplified. Brauer did with Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, and John Mayer. However, we inside the modern world have not matched the legends as of this time. The group has strict specific goals:.

To learn more about Chase Coy, please visit www. He co-hosts "The Devil's Advocate Podcast with Dr. com/chasecoyand watch the video footage of Coy and Grammy-winner Colbie Caillatat http://www. Stephen Rorke," and it is also mcdougal of the ebook "Paranormal Technology: Understanding the Science of Ghost Hunting.