Types Of Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Utilizing abrasive material as a cleaner has been done for decades. Certain materials can be pressurized and used to scrap or blast off any unwanted material such as dirt, paint, rust removal and more. Industrial strength manufacturers have now answered the call to create heavy-duty abrasive blasting equipment that is environmentally sound and affordable. There are several types of abrasive blasting equipment available, some more popular than others.

General Uses

Blasting Equipment is available for a myriad of reasons. Included in these include the restoration or repair of an area. Auto repair utilizes abrasive blasting techniques in order to restore or re-finish the paint for a car. Other types also include removal of rust, dirt, and oil that are too hard to be taken off by the human hand. Radioactive material, asbestos and other harmful material can also be extracted using several different types of blasting equipment. Removal of these materials through harmless means such as water, 150-psi compressed air, and other non-hazardous materials enables high quality cleaning, with little to no environmental damage. Larger blasters such as blast rooms are also available for heavy-duty repair projects.

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